How You Can Help Us!

​​The CD's 'On The Beat With The Essex Police Choir'  and 'Start Spreading the News' which include many of the songs we perform at concerts around Essex and beyond, are available by post at £5 each plus £1.50 P&P (cheques to Essex Police Choir and sent to our address which is on the Contacts Page). They are also available at all of our Concerts and do make great birthday or Christmas presents. 
For the measly sum of £1 a month, you could walk away with cash prizes of up to £25 each month and help raise much needed funds for the Choir. To join us please contact Mark on 07802 414793
We send out at least two Newsletters a year and, as well as containing information, they also give an advance booking facility for our own concerts.  If you would like to receive the publications, please go to the Contacts Page and complete your details.