Booking the Choir


The Choir only performs concerts for organisations that are raising money for good causes.  Churches, charities, Rotary Clubs or any other organisation whose objectives are to help communities, local, national or even international.  
We cannot accept invitations to perform for anyone who is intending to make a profit from our attendance, or even planning to make a donation of part of the proceeds to a good cause.

Applications for us to perform need to be made by the June of one year, for the following year.  We consider applications and allocate concerts in July and you should know whether you have been successful by the beginning of August. Sometimes we have cancellations or a month to fill and so it is always worth making an enquiry via our Contacts page to see whether we have any available dates in the year.

Please either write to us or use the Contacts Page, giving rough details about the proposed event. You will then be contacted by our Secretary. If you want a particular date, or month, let us know but we can't guarantee being able to accommodate you exactly.  If we can't fulfil a date, we will always offer you an alternative in the year requested, or ask that you apply again for the next one

Whilst we do not charge any money for performing, the Choir are extremely professional and so we have standards to uphold.  To do this, we have to ensure that the organisations who would like us to perform provide the right equipment and facilities as we want to make the event as successful as possible. 
We therefore have an Information Sheet that sets out what is required so that you are fully aware of this before committing to your concert.
If you are contemplating requesting us to perform, please do read this beforehand and make sure that you can fulfil what we ask for.  It isn't too onerous (no white doves and red Smarties for us!) and it won't cost you much, if anything.  Please download a copy of the Information Sheet  by hitting the button below.

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