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The Essex Police Choir is a four part choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) ensemble with around 50 members and we perform 8 to 10 concerts a year for good causes and charities, mainly in Essex.
Since the Choir's formation in 1989 we have raised in excess of £300,000 for good causes and have probably helped more churches to instal disabled toilets than any other organisation!
As well as performing to raise money for others, we have our own concerts the proceeds from which we donate to two charities that are chosen by the members each year and we aim to give them at least £1,500 each. These concerts are our Annual Concert with the Essex Police Band in Chelmsford Cathedral in October and our Christmas Concert at Trinity Methodist Church, Chelmsford

Essex Police Choir with Colchester Military Wives Choir and the Band of the Parachute Regiment.                 Colchester May 2018
in December.  The Choir is totally self-funding, taking no money from the Police budget and so we rely on subscriptions, sales of CDs, donations and our 100 Club (see 'How You Can Help Us!'  tab above).​​  We pride ourselves on our professionalism but we also have a lot of fun!

See our Chosen Charity below and read through the following pages to learn more about the Choir.
     We rehearse every Tuesday evening at Essex Police Headquarters from 7.30pm until 9.30pm although we have a couple of weeks break in Summer and at Christmas 
We are always on the look-out for new members and encourage anyone who can hold a tune - you don't have to read music or be a soloist to become a part of the Choir 
Come along and see what we get up to!
Due to securtity, please give us a call to let us know which night you want to come.
Phone Sue on 01206 549801 or 07933 024239 

Join the Choir about which the Musical Director of The Band of the Parachute Regiment recently said:
"Your ladies and gents are the most musically disciplined choral group I think I’ve seen in my 20 years (and I’ve seen a few)"


Essex Police Choir are proud to be one of the first members of this new initiative
Our vision is a Cancer Centre where our patients and their loved ones are supported and cared for by experts throughout their cancer journey. A Cancer Centre that combines first-class radiotherapy, chemotherapy and haematology     treatments, alongside a Wellness Centre offering a range of complementary therapies, as well as information, support and advice for people affected by cancer. 

The words of a patient below explain why these facilities are urgently needed.

“I was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, regularly visit the Mary Barron Suite and the years of chemotherapy have at times felt gruelling. But as grateful as I am for the excellent care at Mary Barron, the physical space itself is simply not adequate; it cannot fully meet the needs of patients nor the team that is working so hard to provide first class care for them.  It is located a significant distance from the main entrance and from other cancer services, waiting areas are cramped and they are uncomfortable.   It cannot accommodate adequate numbers of chairs and beds to meet increasing demand and the complexity of some treatments. Counselling services and family/child friendly do not exist nor do other holistic services that can support patients and their families as they navigate their own particular cancer journey. Lack of space unavoidably deprives patients and their carers of privacy as well as comfort. A culture of caring professionalism and patient dignity has come to define the Mary Barron Suite but  however hard the team works, their dedication to our care cannot mitigate these shortfalls.”

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